SpectraPure Liter Meter®III

Manual water exchanges for your reef system can be messy, difficult, hard on your back, and the quality of your reef tank can suffer, if you don’t maintain consistent water levels, saline content and dosing nutrients on a regular basis.

That’s why we at SpectraPure have created an all in one system capable of providing the convenience of dependable water exchanges and nutrient dosing that’s fully automated…so you can literally, schedule, set and forget. 

With the SpectraPure LiterMeter® III family of products, you can rest assured that your beautiful pristine reef tank is always maintained whether you’re on vacation or away from home for work or play. 

The LiterMeter® III offers features you would expect on more expensive commercial systems, such as fully automated control of a three pump system capable of pumping water from as far away as 25 ft, calibrated precision dosing and self-priming and anti-siphoning, but with the price tag and convenience of an easy to install in-home system that’s so quiet you could lull a baby to sleep.

This spectacular automatic dosing and auto water exchange pump system, allows you to set a specific volume of flow over a 24 hour period allowing scheduled cycles of mini water exchanges up to 144 x per day!

While the LiterMeter III can be set to replicate the same manual water exchanges you used to do on your own, the benefit of setting the LiterMeter to several mini intervals throughout the day, you’ll no longer see a drastic swing from the worst to best water with each water exchange, with the LiterMeter you will experience the best water all the time!

Another benefit of setting smaller water exchanges, is that you will avoid temperature swings that can often occur with less frequent, higher volume manual exchanges. 

Having a LiterMeter® III is literally like having your own team of reef tank elves – all day – every day – without adding anyone to the payroll. 

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