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SpectraPure Dares to Be Innovative!

In today's competitive market of water purification systems, SpectraPure takes a stand for uncompromising quality through product innovation.

SpectraPure’s innovative water purification systems set a new standard for the aquarium industry. As the first to introduce RODI systems in this industry, they provided a unique way to obtain pure deionized water for all of your salt water aquarium needs.

SpectraPure was also first to introduce the concept of dual pass technology, which proved once again, that they are pioneers in the water purification industry.

Discover the many ways that you can benefit from SpectraPure's innovative water purification technologies!

Discover, Dream & Design

SpectraPure continually improves the performance of each product in all of our product lines in order to provide you with the highest level of quality and performance in your water purification systems.

We also strive to provide the perfect pure water system for the specific needs of each of our customers. No matter what application you need, we can provide the ideal system.

Discover what you need, dream of the ideal system, and see how we can design the perfect system for keeping your water pure and in perfect balance!


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First Line of Defense – Sediment Filters

SpectraPure’s water purification systems feature sediment, carbon, and thin-film composite membranes (TFC) reverse osmosis (RO). For our Coffee Lovers System, we add a remineralization stage. For our aquarium systems, we add our proprietary deionization (DI) filters, which further polish the water coming from the RO membrane. In this blog, we cover your first line of…

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