MaxCap® D2 Dual Stage DI System Add On with Super DI Cartridges – MC-DI-2-10HC



At SpectraPure®, we have you covered.

  • Do you need additional or spare parts for your SpectraPure® Systems or Products?
  • If you are a RO and/or RODI customer, have you replaced your filters recently?


MaxCap® D2 Dual Stage DI System Add On – Now with Super DI Cartridges. Convert your existing RO system to a MaxCap® DI System and economically produce more ultra pure deionized water!

Includes clear filter housings, quick-connect fittings, mounting bracket, extra high capacity / longer lasting MaxCap® Super DI and SilicaBuster™ Super DI cartridges, dual probe TDS meter and filter wrench.


  • Convert your existing RO system to a MaxCap® DI System with a SpectraPure® MaxCap® D2 add-on – Now with high-capacity Super DI cartridges!
  • Clear filter housings with 0.25 inch Tubing quick-connect fittings
  • 2 Position mounting bracket
  • Super DI MaxCap® DI and Super DI SilicaBuster™ cartridges with NEW higher capacity / higher flow shells
  • Dual probe TDS meter to determine MaxCap® DI cartridge exhaustion. (When the output TDS exceeds 75% of the input TDS, it’s time to change the cartridge.)
  • Universal filter wrench
  • Retail ready package

Warning:  SpectraPure® does not recommend drinking water produced from deionization (DI) as DI resins are typically not made of food grade approved material.

Additional information

Weight 8.5 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 14.5 × 6 in


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