Aquarium RO/DI Starter Kit – Includes RO/DI, TDS Meters, ASO Check Valve – AQUA-ST-KIT-II


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Aquarium RO/DI-Starter Kit

Everything you need to produce your own supply of pure deionized water for your aquarium or reef tank. The 90 GPD Basic 4-Stage RO/DI System includes 0.5 micron sediment and carbon pre-filters, a 90 GPD SpectraPure® RO membrane, standard SilicaBuster™ DI cartridge, pressure gauge, garden hose adapter and reservoir float valve. Also included as part of the Starter System package is a 2-probe digital TDS meter and a SpectraPure® Auto Shutoff Valve.


  • Starter system is Plug and Play – Start producing clean, pure deionized water today.
  • RO/DI System with 90 GPD high rejection thin film composite (TFC) Reverse Osmosis membrane
  • 3:1 waste to product ratio
  • SilicaBuster™ standard DI cartridge w/ clear filter housing
  • Long life – high efficiency 0.5 micron MicroTec sediment pre-filter
  • High capacity 0.5 micron carbon block pre-filter eliminates chlorine, herbicides and other organic pollutants
  • ASO valve and check valve pre-installed for system auto-shutoff, when used with reservoir float valve (included) to fill a water reservoir
  • Pressure gauge reading indicates when to change pre-filters
  • Durable no rust mounting bracket, feed, product and waste tubing included
  • Housing wrench for easy filter replacement
  • Garden hose adapter for tap water hookup
  • 2-probe digital TDS meter to monitor membrane and DI performance

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Weight 14.5 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 7 × 18 in


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