6 Stage Chloramine Removal RO/DI System w/ MaxCap® and SilicaBuster™ DI – CR-RODI-90-6STG



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SpectraPure® 6 Stage Chloramine Removal SuperDI System with ChlorKiller Reverse Osmosis followed by MaxCap® & SilicaBuster™ Dual DI stages.

Includes SpectraSelect Plus 90 GPD 99% Rejection RO Membrane, 3-stage ChlorKiller Pre-Filtration, 2 Stages of High Capacity DI, Dual-Point TDS monitoring, Pressure Gauge, & Automatic Shutoff Valve with Float Switch

This 2-Part system consists of a 4 Stage “ChlorKiller” RO System with manual membrane flush, coupled with a 2 Stage SilicaBuster™ MaxCap® high capacity deionization system. Together, these component systems create an exceptional 6 Stage RO/DI-System that will provide the end user with an endless supply of ultra-pure deionized water.


  • Suitable for areas with high levels of chloramines or chlorine in the tapwater
  • Manual membrane flush increases membrane life & 3:1 waste ratio produces 33% less waste water
  • 4 Stage RO System w/ superior pre filtration & 99% rejection SpectraSelect Plus RO membrane – 2 Stage deionization system w/ SilicaBuster™ & MaxCap® high capacity DI cartridges
  • Multipoint TDS monitoring
  • 0.2 micron (Absolute) ZetaZorb® sediment cartridge works in the worst sediment challenged areas
  • High capacity 0.5 micron carbon block pre-filter eliminates chlorine, herbicides and other organic pollutants
  • 1.0 Micron Pentek ChlorPlus carbon block filter cartridge especially designed for chlorine and chloramine removal
  • 90 GPD SpectraSelect Plus RO membrane 99% Rejection RO membrane
  • RO system pressure gauge measures membrane pressure level and helps indicate when to change pre-filters
  • Clear filter housings & durable, no rust mounting brackets
  • Housing wrench for easy filter removal
  • Tubing, Fittings and Garden Hose Adapter included

Additional information

Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 7 × 18 in


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