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Why SpectraPure Coffee Lovers Systems?

Did you know that producing perfectly controlled mineral content in your coffee water may be just as important if not more than the coffee beans themselves?

In fact, according to the SCA (Speciality Coffee Association), “optimal” standards for minerals needed to make the perfect cup of coffee include recommendations for total hardness, carbonate hardness and the pH balance. And we at SpectraPure have mastered it, so you don't have to be a PHD to enjoy a great tasting cup of coffee!

SpectraPure Elite RODI Systems

If you are looking for ultra-pure RODI water and a system that takes all the guesswork out of keeping your top of the line reef tank system at its best, look no further than SpectraPure’s MaxCap award winning super advanced pumped RODI systems.

Using technologies found only in more complex low waste water RODI systems the Mega MaxCap® Performance Plus™ incorporates an integral booster pump to maintain membrane feed pressure. Also included is a microprocessor controlled pure water flush cycle to maintain high rejection ratios and increased membrane longevity.

SpectraPure Reef Tank Magic

For the reef tank enthusiast who wants more time to enjoy gazing at their sea-scapes and dreaming up new additions for their perfect underwater haven but dreads the time and effort it takes to keep that tank water pure, changed, topped off, ph balanced and properly mineralized, we at SpectraPure understand your pain and offer up 4 ways to enjoy more time basking and less time tasking over your gorgeous indoor reef!

SpectraPure Aquarium Starter Kit

There’s nothing quite like hosting some of the world’s most exotic fish and flora into your home or office. When done right, your investment of time, resources and education continues to add to the enjoyment and satisfaction of your masterpiece for years to come.

With SpectraPure you can rest assured you are working with leaders in the industry that love helping you realize the fullest potential of your starter aquarium or reef tank.

SpectraPure LiterMeter III

Manual water exchanges for your reef system can be messy, difficult, hard on your back, and the quality of your reef tank can suffer if you don't maintain consistent water levels, saline content and dosing nutrients on a regular basis.

That’s why SpectraPure has created an all in one system capable of providing the convenience of dependable water exchanges and nutrient dosing that’s fully automated, so you can literally, schedule, set and forget.

SpectraPure MaxCap 90-180 GPD

If you are looking for ultra-pure RODI water and a system that takes all the guesswork out of keeping your reef tank performing at its best - we offer an entire family of SpectraPure MaxCap and Mega MaxCap RODI Systems.
The MaxCap 90 RODI Systems are capable of producing 90 gallons of pure water per day and have a 2:1 waste water ratio
The MaxCap 180 RODI Systems are exactly the same but come with 2 piggy backed RO membranes and and are capable of producing 180 gallons per day.

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