CLS 90 GPD Coffee Lovers System – CLS-90

Did you know that controlling the mineral content in the water you use to make your coffee could be just as important, if not more, than the coffee beans you use? It is all about how your coffee tastes. Carbonates are the kings of water for brewing coffee because they help to keep your pH stable. And SpectraPure has the science to make it all possible.

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CLS 90 GPD Coffee Lovers System – CLS-90

SpectraPure’s Own – Coffee Lovers – Brewing and Drinking Water System.


Our CLS-90 Coffee Lovers water filtration system is specifically tailored for the demands of sensitive or critical Coffee Lover brewing applications.

Specifically designed for those coffee aficionados desiring that perfect brewed cup, where the true flavor of the final brew is of utmost priority.

  • Incorporating a 90 GPD (gallon per day) production RO membrane and 4 stages of pre and post-filtration, our patented Dual-Pass Remineralization Technology ensures a controlled pH and mineral content optimized for perfect beverage brewing and drinking.

Additional SpectraPure® Features:

  • Compact design, ideally suited for an under the sink, or wall mount installation for easy access and servicing
  • Dual TDS (total dissolved solids) meters to monitor input and output RO water quality
  • Passive permeate pump to ensure optimum water output flow from the included 4 gallon storage tank, with an air-gap faucet
  • Deluxe high flow air-gap delivery faucet delivery
  • Dual pass technology for 7 virtual stages of effective filtration and water processing
  • SpectraPure’s exclusive dual-pass technology (U.S. Patent# 7,303,666) purifies and remineralizes your water in two separate passes to make sure only the freshest and best quality water is used in your brewing applications, each and every time you turn on the faucet.
  • Each system comes with all the hardware needed for installation including fittings, standard adapters, a pressurized storage tank, necessary tubing and an installation manual.

The Coffee Lovers System reliably produces water having a TDS of about 50, and a pH of approximately 8.

Additional information

Weight 30 lbs
Dimensions 21 × 19 × 20 in


  1. Jeff E.

    The flavor of our coffee has improved since implementing this filter! Thanks!

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