Time Relaxing -- 4-25-19

Enjoy More Time Relaxing as You Watch Your Gorgeous Indoor Reef!

If you are a reef tank enthusiast who wants more time to enjoy gazing at your seascapes and dreaming up new additions for the perfect underwater haven, then be sure to browse the best water purification systems and add-on kits offered from SpectraPure. Our water purification systems will save you time and effort so that you can spend more time enjoying your indoor reef and less time on maintenance.

From keeping your tank water pure and properly topped off to maintaining pH balance and proper mineralization, we have the best rodi systems and add on kits you will ever need. Continue reading today’s post to learn four ways that you can enjoy more time relaxing as you watch your gorgeous indoor reef, and shop our products for the best RODI water purification automated aquarium systems.

Pure RODI Water

The most important item for any aquarium is pure water. While grocery stores are convenient for getting water, they don’t necessarily maintain their machines at the highest levels of cleanliness and purity. Fish stores are often the better choice as they understand the importance of maintaining the quality of their systems for reefing.

Most fish stores sell reverse osmosis deionized water (RODI), which is what many aquarists prefer. Some of these stores will even sell their water pre-mixed with salt for your convenience. Despite these options, it is not always convenient to get the water when you need it. When you purchase an RODI system from SpectraPure, water top off and water changes are much more simple.

Pure water is the cornerstone of SpectraPure’s success and something we are absolutely passionate about. From Reef Tank Starter kits to high performance RODI systems like our MaxCap 90 and 180 to high-efficiency pump systems like our SpectraPure MaxCap and Mega MaxCap RODI systems capable of de-ionizing 90 to 400 gallons per day, we offer up a full spectrum of solutions ensuring one thing: that your reef water is ultra-pure and your SpectraPure filtration system will outperform and outlive other similar systems in each class of water purification solution we offer.

1. Water Exchange

Once you have the level of pure water that you need, accomplishing water exchanges can still be quite difficult. If you remove the old water and replace it yourself, this can be both messy and painful for your back. A better option would be to install a pump that pulls out the old water and pumps new water in without requiring manual labor. While this might sound like the obvious solution, not all water exchanging systems are created equal.

The SpectraPure Liter Meter III, for example, features automatic dosing and a programmable controller with a timer, and it also has the ability to store and calibrate the fluid flow rates of three individual peristaltic pumps from distances as far away as 25 feet! Our aquarium water exchange system is capable of water exchanges set to a specific volume every 24 hours. With a water exchange system from SpectraPure, you won’t need to worry about drastic swings between the old, dirty water and the fresh, pure water. The Liter Meter allows you to keep your water at its best at all times.

2. Auto Top Off

Whether you are changing your water manually or automatically with our LiterMeter, replacing the exact amount of water that you are removing eventually results in a drop in your water levels because even the most precise water changes don’t account for the drop in water caused by evaporation. With SpectraPure’s Auto-Top-Off system your optimal water levels will always be perfectly and properly maintained.

3. Precision Dosing

Water evaporation affects not only the water levels but the saline and mineral balance of your water as well. SpectraPure’s Precision Dosing and Water Exchange Systems can be used to supply the correct amounts of saline and soluble mineral replenishments needed for the aquarium water level controller.

4. Complete Versatility

Each of our systems is designed to work hand-in-hand. We offer you the flexibility of creating stand-alone water purification systems, or to compliment any water purification system set-up that you might have.

If you need help, then please contact SpectraPure for a complimentary 5-point assessment at sales@spectrapure.com. Our experts love helping each of our clients achieve their dream reef environment with the best water purification systems available on the market today. If you have a challenge, we have your solution!